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Try On MILK Glasses Wherever You Are!


July 28, 2015

Reinvent the way you try on glasses at home with MILK Eyewear and our virtual try-on solution TryLive!

MILK Eyewear understands the importance for consumers to find the perfect frame for them, fitting on their face perfectly and revealing their style. That’s why they choose to integrate TryLive, the virtual try-on solution, to their website and mobile apps, to offer their consumers the ability to see MILK glasses on their face before the purchase.

Apple and Android users can now download the new MILK Eyewear ‪mobile app and be one of the first to virtually try on glasses, share photos, and purchase a pair with the click of a button.

On MILK Eyewear’s website, users can browse the catalog and try-on any pair of glasses and compare up to 4 frames at the same time to find the one they like. Sharing pictures with friends and family, they can get the expected feedback and purchase with confidence.

TryLive for Eyewear offers a unique shopping experience: using your webcam or phone’s camera, visitors are able to virtually try on any frame on their face and turn their head to see it on any angles; the glasses stay stick to the face!

MILK Eyewear’s favorite sentence, "Frame Yourself, don't let others frame you.", summarize their philosophy.

Visit MILK Eyewear’s website!

Download the free MILK Eyewear mobile application on the AppStore and on GooglePlay and change the way you Frame Yourself.