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September 12, 2013

Total Immersion provides virtual fitting solutions for online glasses and furniture retailers. The virtual fitting room TryLive enables your clients to try furniture out in the home and try glasses on from home, thereby recreating the experience of shopping in a store.

Online furniture and glasses retailers have always faced a major issue that is inherently linked to the business industry: how can a client buy a product without knowing if it is going to fit?

As a consequence, many online shoppers are ordering multiple sizes for one item and returning those that don't fit.

This costs those retailers offering free returns (and even those who don’t) a lot of money. Online Eyewear retailers have always had to deal with very high return rates, which equates to money losses.

Augmented reality is the best solution for online clothing retailers willing to boost sales and drastically reduces return rates. Online virtual fitting rooms give the client extra reassurance and a positive image of the company. 

Haworth is an American furniture supplier. Total Immersion provided Haworth with a cutting-edge technological augmented reality solution to enable web users to try out furniture via their iPad

Haworth was able to measure immediate positive effects on KPI:

  • Higher conversion rates 

  • High customer engagement

  • High customer approval ratings

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